UMT Group Releases 2021 Annual Report: Total Operating Performance and Gross Margin Improved Further – 2021 Best Financial Year Ever for UMT

UMT United Mobility Technology AG (GSIN: A2YN70, ISIN: DE000A2YN702) published its 2021 Annual Report today. Based on the final figures, the Group announces a successful 2021 – the best in UMT’s history.

The total operating performance and the gross margin improved again compared to the previous year, with the margin improving in stride. Thus, the total operating performance of the UMT group in 2021 increased by +4% to reach 32,393 KEUR (previous year: 31,183 KEUR). The turnover was slightly above the level of the previous year and reached 30,590 KEUR (previous year: 30,543 KEUR). Revenues were mainly generated in the two business units “Technology and Software” and “Commerce and Consulting”. In terms of revenue, the “Technology and Software” segment includes license fees, software development and software-induced transaction activities. On the revenue side, the “Trading and Consulting” segment mainly includes the IT and asset management consulting business as well as the sales and commission business of the portfolio UMT group. The growth momentum in 2021 is attributable in particular to the “Trading and Consulting” business area. This line of business will continue to make important contributions to success in the future. As part of the “buy-and-build” strategy, even higher growth rates than in the past are expected for the business area “Technology and Software” in the future

The gross profit at group level improved by +3% to 15,965 KEUR (previous year: 15,570 KEUR) in the year under review. While the consolidated profit before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) improved by 17% to 10,765 KEUR (previous year: 9,216 KEUR), the consolidated operating profit before interest and taxes (EBIT) increased by +27% to 5,386 KEUR (previous year). : 4,230 KEUR). The consolidated profit before tax (EBT) also improved by the same amount (+27%) to 5,380 KEUR (previous year: 4,243 KEUR). As a result, the net profit of the UMT group for the year increased by +29% to 4,724 KEUR (previous year: 3,661 KEUR).

2021 was dominated by the digitization initiative and the identification of new acquisition targets as part of the recently launched buy and build strategy. Digitization projects surrounding the Smart Rental app have been successfully launched, although delays due to global bottlenecks have also left their mark here.

The planned acquisition of the MEXS group was also launched in the first half of the past financial year. UMT’s management specifically chose a “collaboration and process” oriented IT company because it sees an exceptional and long-term prospect in all sectors of the economy, affecting all businesses, from micro-enterprises to large global companies.

This acquisition and other potential ones could not be realized in the balance sheet of the year 2021 due to the consequences of the Corona pandemic and finally the war in Ukraine.

With the just announced acquisition of the MEXS Group, an innovative pioneer in the field of interactive control of business processes via messaging based on a flexible service platform, the UMT Group continues its “buy and build” strategy successfully launched in 2022. MEXS ideally complements the technology world of UMT and complements mobile payment and smart rental services with messaging technology for B2B and B2C applications and interfaces with the world of enterprise IT systems.

With the acquisition of MEXS GmbH and the simultaneous focus on technology companies, UMT’s transformation from a mobile payment specialist into a digital and value-driven “TechnologyHouse” for integrated mobile commerce applications has been a hit. The enormous potential of the systems that will be developed together with MEXS in the future in the direction of integration with SAP business processes offers the UMT Group the best medium-term conditions for significant revenue and profit growth with profitability. sustainability and stable cash flow. .

Despite all the crises and adversities, 2021 was the best year in UMT’s history and the UMT Group considers itself strongly positioned for the future. However, due to the high level of economic uncertainty in the current global geopolitical environment, management believes that entrepreneurial risks should be assessed with particular caution and a prudent financial policy should be pursued at this time.

The annual report is available on the company’s website at


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