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  • Preliminary data suggest Jatcorp (JAT) supplements may be effective against Omicron variant of COVID-19
  • The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology has assessed the ability of JAT’s Jinvigorate Platinum and Moroka Platinum products to improve immune function and antiviral activity
  • Although clinical trials are needed to make specific health claims, results suggest “high binding” efficacy against the omicron variant
  • Based on RMIT findings, JAT and Pinnacle Laboratories co-brand CocoSoul Moroka will be released five more drinks in the coming months
  • Shares closed up 5% at 2.1 cents

Preliminary data suggests that Jatcorp (JAT) supplements may be effective against the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

The products include a blend of formulated milk powders and complementary foods that have been developed with the University of Sydney.

From September last year, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology was commissioned to undertake a pre-clinical research project investigating the ability of JAT’s Jinvigorate Platinum and Moroka Platinum food products to promote immune function and improved antiviral activity.

In a computer-based study, RMIT investigated antimicrobial molecules present in food formulas to determine their potential effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 variants.

While clinical trials to test the predictions must be completed before specific health claims are made, the results suggest “high binding efficiency” against the omicron variant, particularly for hypothiocyanite, the enzyme product of lactoperoxidase. .

According to JAT, the findings further reinforce conclusions made previously by the University of Sydney.

In conclusion, RMIT stated that the effectiveness of dairy products containing components with antiviral properties in the prevention, treatment or management of COVID-19 should be further investigated through in vitro and in vivo studies.

Human clinical trials are planned to test this hypothesis and will assess improved immune function and recovery times after contracting viruses, as well as protection against upper respiratory tract infections.

The human subjects will be between the ages of 20 and 70 and a total of 75 subjects will be selected and recruited.

In a co-branding agreement with Pinnacle Laboratories signed in January, the parties are developing new products under a new co-brand that will be known as CocoSoul Moroka.

Products under this brand will be distributed by Saputo, one of the top 10 dairy processors in the world.

Part of this agreement was based on JAT’s ability to provide the immune support products with the antiviral properties described in the University of Sydney research.

Following the most recent findings from the RMIT report, CocoSoul Moroka products will be expanded to include five beverages that are expected to be launched by Saputo in late April or early May this year.

Shares ended the trade up 5% at 2.1 cents.


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