Pokémon GO has now surpassed $ 3 billion in lifetime gross revenue



Niantic’s augmented reality game Pokémon GO has now surpassed $ 3 billion in lifetime gross revenue, according to Store Intelligence data from Sensor Tower. There’s apparently no way to stop the popular mobile hit which has now been downloaded over 541 million times since its launch in 2016, and has an average revenue per download of around $ 5.60.

2016 remains the highest-grossing year for GO – generating $ 832.4 million after a limited launch. In 2017, he pocketed $ 589.3 million and last year he racked up $ 816.3 million. So far this year it has made $ 774.3 million and is currently expected to exceed its first year.

Pokemon GO Data Tower Sensor

In terms of player spending habits, the United States leads the way with users losing nearly $ 1.1 billion on the game, which equates to 36.2% of total lifetime revenue. Japan is in second place, spending $ 884.5 million on the game, and Germany is third ($ 181.6 million). The United States also downloaded the game the most – 99.3 million times, to be precise. Brazil is in second place with 58.4 million downloads and Mexico is in third place with 34 million downloads.

Android users lead the way in downloads (424.6 million installs) and Google Play users spent $ 1.6 billion in total. In contrast, iOS and App Store users have spent $ 1.4 billion to date.

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