PlantX Life Inc Announces Monthly Gross Income of $1.74M for April 2022


PlantX Life Inc. (CSE:VEGA) told investors it continues to see growth, with revenue for April 2022 164% higher than gross revenue for the same month last year, net of wholesale revenue.

Vancouver-based PlantX said it generated gross revenue of $1,744,248 in April, while cost of goods sold for the month was $1,133,761.

“Our revenue for April is a strong indicator that the company continues to leverage its investment in innovation effectively,” company CEO Lorne Rapkin said in a statement. “This momentum has the potential to drive future sales and demand for our products and we are determined to generate even more impressive monthly and annual revenues in the future,” he added.

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PlantX markets itself as the digital face of the plant community with a one-stop destination for all things plant-related, such as an online store and meal delivery services. The online store is home to over 5,000 vegan products and plans are underway to expand into cosmetics, clothing and its own water brand.

The company uses its digital platform to create a community of like-minded consumers and, most importantly, to provide education. His successful business is built and strengthened on partnerships with top nutritionists, chefs and brands.

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