Pepper Content aims to generate gross revenue of Rs 120-160 crore in FY23; aims to break even by the first quarter of FY24


Content marketing firm Pepper Content is aiming to record gross revenue of Rs 120-160 crore ($15-20 million) in FY23, said Rishabh Shekhar, co-founder and COO, Pepper Content, at BrandWagon Online. The company, which primarily provides content marketing through content creation, plans to provide a full service from strategy, distribution, publishing to analytics. “Our goal is to become an end-to-end experience for everything related to content and its complete lifecycle, from which to create, publish and then analyze data. Although we already provide strategy, distribution and release, we aim to start the analytics service by the first quarter of FY24,” he added.

The company says it raked in gross revenue worth Rs 36 crore ($4.5 million) in FY22. While Shekhar declined to comment on the loss for the year, he claimed that On a gross basis, the company currently has a profit margin of 30-40% and aims to break even either by the end of this fiscal year or in the first quarter of next. tax. “We are very focused on unit economics. Our goal is to balance our net consumption and net income by the end of March so that we can have positive profit and loss from June,” he said.

Pepper Content claims to create all content formats, be it written, graphics, translations or videos. For example, the company rolled out HDFC instant marketing when the Union budget was announced; he was also responsible for creating content for Adani’s Pranaam travel portal website. Currently, the platform claims to work with around 1,500 to 2,000 clients based on annual or semi-annual contracts. It claims to provide a 200-300% increase in organic traffic over a period of six to nine months. “We’ve seen a significant increase in the percentage of revenue coming from organic channels for our clients,” he said.

For Shekhar, the company has two sources of income. Currently, their software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform accounts for nearly 15% of total revenue. The remaining 85% comes from deposits and contracts from companies and ETIs. Going forward, the company aims to increase its revenue share from SaaS. “We want to grow our SAAS subscription revenue as we unlock more value for the platform,” Shekhar said.

Three months ago, Pepper Content expanded its operations into the United States of America (USA) and sees it as a key market for its growth. For Shekhar, the company raised $14.2 million in funds in June and has no further plans to raise funds this year. “The goal is to achieve a better net consumption to net income ratio and be profitable,” he said.

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