MG e-Pay: the brand’s end-to-end online car financing platform


MG has introduced the one-stop car finance solution for its Indian range. MG e-Pay will offer buyers the option of pre-approved loans from 4 banks once they have reserved an MG vehicle.

MG Motor India today launched its end-to-end finance option for its automotive product line called MG e-Pay. The one-stop solution for car financing is designed to offer instant loan approvals to buyers. Additionally, the product will provide consumers with a seamless loan disbursement process with the ability to use it themselves from home. MG has partnered with four Indian banks namely ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Prime, Axis Bank and HDFC Bank.

Speaking at the launch of MG ePay, Gaurav Gupta, Chief Commercial Officer of MG Motor India, said, “At MG, we are constantly innovating our digital platforms to stay connected with our customers and ensure best-in-class experience. After effectively serving over 1 million customers through the MG online shopping platform, we intend to go further and simplify the customer journey to have suitable financing options for the purchase. cars online.

MG Motor India has succeeded in bolstering a fully digital car exploration and buying process earlier with the help of MG eXpert. The MG eXpert digitally presents the MG range to buyers using augmented reality. Moreover, they can also check out their choice of cars with their favorite accessories. With the introduction of MG e-Pay, even the financing exercise has gone digital.

According to MG, MG e-Pay will complete the entire car buying process in just 5 clicks and 7 steps. Via the MG e-Pay, buyers are offered to select the desired pre-approved loans from a large number of financiers available on board. The loan can be customized in term, principal amount and interest rate. The loan application can also be tracked in real time, along with the status of the disbursement letter. Once the loan is disbursed, the vehicle will be delivered to consumers at their doorstep.

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