Laredo police see rise in scam calls targeting student borrowers


LAREDO, TX. (KGNS) – The Laredo Police Department is seeing an increase in scam calls targeting people with student loans.

Student loans can sometimes help you pay for college or build your credit, but email and phone scammers are willing to steal your personal information to make a quick buck.

The police department took to Facebook to inform the community about these scams.

He says people should be wary of calls, texts or emails that offer instant debt forgiveness.

Emmanuel Diaz of the Laredo Police Department says people should be careful who they give their bank or personal information to over the phone.

Diaz says it’s best to deal with the banks or make the payments in person.

“We want to remind the community of Laredo that the IRS or the Laredo Police Department request payments over the phone, will not ask for any bank accounts or information and these will likely be scams we have seen in the past. which may continue, especially with the new student loan forgiveness program,” Diaz said.

Officer Diaz says if you’ve ever shared information via email or phone, you should contact your federal loan service provider immediately.

You should also contact your bank or credit card company to prevent any unauthorized transactions.

You can also report any fraudulent calls or other suspicious activity by calling 956-795-2800.

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