AGIP Gross Income: who can access the 100% bonus for 2022


For to encourage child development New projectsthe Government Administration of Public Revenues (AGIP) Buenos Aires has established an advantage that reaches those who have already registered or will do so during this year in the category of the simplified tax regime on Gross revenue.

Beneficiaries will receive 100% bonus on tranches 1 to 6 of 2022. And 50% in 2023as long as the taxpayer remains in this tax category.

In this way, annual savings could go from $11,000 in the lowest plan category ($1,850 fortnightly fee) up to $78,000 annual ($13,000 per month) of category H, which is the highest.

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The measure applies to new contributors which have started or are starting activities during the financial year 2022 and that they have not registered previous registrations for Gross Income Tax or have ceased tax before January 1, 2017.

The advantage will be recognized automatically, automatically, at the time of registration. Those who do so must have declared the domicile where the activity is carried out in the Register of Operating Residences (RDE), under the terms of Resolution No. 24-AGIP/22, a mandatory requirement provided for in Article 175 of the current tax code. .

AGIP: characteristics of the Simplified Gross Income Scheme

In the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, There are two ways to join the IRB: Local or Simplified. The choice will depend on the characteristics of each taxpayer.

the main difference between one and the other is that the Local Regime does not involve billing ceilings, whereas in the simplified, you cannot exceed certain annual income. That is to say, it is associated with small taxpayers.

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The system of government simplified to pay through a bi-monthly fixed fee, without the need to submit monthly sworn statements as required by the local regime. The latter is paid monthly, and the amount represents a percentage of what is billed.

We must therefore first assess what will be the annual billing to know if it is appropriate to join the Simplified Plan and thus access the Gross Income bonus during 2022.

AGIP: who can join the Simplified Scheme

Al Simplified scheme gross income of AGIPas stated on the official website, Human persons whose commercial activity consists, among other things, in the sale of movable property, works, sites and/or services may join. Also de facto and irregular commercial companies, insofar as they have a maximum of three partners.

The tax base was updated in 2022 when the Buenos Aires legislature voted to increase caps. In any case, the activity must be carried out entirely within the framework of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and must not exceed:

  • The $2,600,000 total annual income (taxed, untaxed and exempt).
  • The $39,401.62 in the unit selling price (only in case of personal property).

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  • The 200 square meters of affected area.
  • The 20,000 kilowatts of energy consumed annually.
The tax base of the simplified regime was updated this year: the Buenos Aires legislature voted to increase the limits, which now reach $2,600,000.

AGIP can proceed ex officio to the reclassification. Continuous work is carried out on the cross-referencing of information both with Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP) as for other public and private actors, in order to verify that taxpayers are correctly categorized according to the real volume of their activities, which leads to automatic recategorisations and exclusions when irregularities are detected.

On the other hand, those who are adhered to the monotax social AFIP does not pay Gross Income. They are people in a situation of social vulnerability, work cooperatives and productive enterprises recognized by the National Social Security Administration (ANSES)registered in the National Register of Local Development and Social Economy Effectors.

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